Voice Lessons

There are a variety of ways to tackle lessons. Different lengths of session may be appropriate for different students, and some may find a group better, while others prefer one on one instruction.

Private individual instruction is a great way to build musical ability. One on one time with a knowledgeable instructor is essential for developing proper vocal technique since it provides the attention needed to diagnose and correct vocal faults. On the other hand, group music lessons are great for confidence building and overcoming nerves. Although private lessons are preferred by many due to the fact that a student has valuable one on one time with the teacher, group lessons have their strengths! In a group lesson the student is able to develop critical listening skills, learn by example, and make music in collaboration with another practicing musician. This fosters a sense of community, encourages the student, and can be very effective in overcome stage fright.

Please take a look at the options below. when you decide which one is best for you, head to the Contact page and lets arrange a meeting!

female singer

1 Hour Private Individual Lessons:

Pros- The student spends a productive amount of time one on one with the teacher. This is the most effective way for a student to achieve healthy solo technique in any style of singing.

Price- $75/lesson

boy singer

1/2 Hour Private individual Lessons:

Pros- The student spends a sufficient amount of time one on one with the teacher. For young students with short attention spans this is ideal, because the lesson is short enough that they don't lose track, but just long enough to be effective. it may also be a more affordable choice for some.

Price- $45/lesson

two children singers

1 Hour Group Lessons:

Pros- Students have the opportunity to learn to harmonize, work collaboratively, and learn by example. This is also a great option for siblings for a more affordable form of instruction.


2 students- $100/lesson

3 students- $120/lesson

4 students- $140/lesson