Emphasis Head

The Teacher

I am a classically trained soprano teaching all ages (5 years+) and voice types. I came from a very musical background, and was involved in choirs, and theater throughout my childhood. At the end of high school I was offered vocal training by my first teacher after he heard me sing for a choir audition. Although music has always been a part of my life, I see that moment and the training ensuing thereafter as the event that determined my future in music.

The Emphasis Way

Emphasis Studio is open to students of any level, voice type, or background, and is built upon the firm belief that ANYONE can learn how to sing. No matter where you are now, I believe that with consistency and good vocal coaching, anyone can learn to sing. I achieve this goal with my students by working on what I call the 5 emphases: Technique, Wellness, Confidence, Determination, and Focus. When these 5 elements are built up, a beautiful, strong, and healthy voice emerges.


I have over 6 years of classical voice training, and a bachelors degree in liberal arts from Thomas Aquinas College. I spent over 6 years in theater productions, and my training there included Broadway belt, pop, jazz, and classical voice training.


I am currently the children's choir director at Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church, and a member of The Diocesan choir of Orange County. I have 14 years of experience performing with other choirs at such places as Disney Hall, the Ontario Citizen’s Business Bank arena, and The Hollywood Bowl. I have performed in over 8 full productions with 2 theater groups, and multiple solo performances for benefits, concerts, weddings, and recitals. I have been training students for over 2 years as a private voice teacher.


If you would like to learn more about my services as an event singer, please visit my online portfolio and event singer site.