Welcome to Emphasis Music Studio


Do you want to sing with confidence?

Would you like to overcome bad singing habits and vocal flaws?

Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Welcome to Emphasis Music Studio!

When you study here, you will learn exactly what you need to know to improve your tone, expand your range, and polish your presentation. With an emphasis on classical voice techniques, I will help you to build your voice and transform it! Even if you have doubted that you could ever 'really' sing; whether you have studied before or not at all; and especially if you feel in any way uncomfortable with your voice; let me work together with you to build a strong foundation, fortify your technique, and discover the beautiful and unique voice that lies within.

On top of learning to produce a beautiful tone, you will learn how to craft artistic phrasing, and how to analyze a piece thoughtfully. You will learn how to choose repertoire, and you will build repertoire while learning solid vocal techniques. Being able to choose which piece, and how to approach it, will increase your confidence and nurture your pedagogic development.

At Emphasis you can expect high quality instruction, outstanding service, and inventive teaching methods adapted and personalized to each student. No matter what level you have previously achieved, you can find music instruction that is effective, engaging, and fun.

I am currently accepting new voice students at my home in Lake Forest, CA. Please check out the site, and sign up for some lessons!